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Japanese Curry Stamp Sweepstakes: London Edition

9 to 29 July 2022

Collect digital stamps at participating Japanese restaurants in London for a chance to win first-class Japanese gifts.

Here’s how it works:

1- Go to a participating Japanese restaurant.

LIST OF participating restaurants

2- Sit down at your table and order.

3- Scan the QR code on the table-top display:

Make sure you scan the QR code with a smartphone, and enable QR scanning on your camera app. 
*!* Do not use a dedicated QR scanning app.
 Make sure you have private browsing turned off when signing up. Always use the same browser to play.

4- Collect  your stamp:

5- Use the stamps you have collected to enter the drawing!

*You may only collect one stamp per day.

**You must be 18 years or older to participate in the “Japanese sake” drawing.

Winners will be contacted after the drawing by email. Prizes can be claimed at the following address (contest partner) :

5 Middlesex St, Aldgate, 
London E1 7AA United Kingdom

Read the complete rules

See a list of participating restaurants